5 Clever Work – Appropriate Halloween Costumes to Wear at the Office

Sometimes your job is all work and no play, but Halloween ain’t just another day at the office! If you want to dress up and get into the holiday spirit but you also have to work a shift that day, here’s an idea: Wear your Halloween costume to the office.

Or you might be working from home and there’s costume contest via Zoom (you never know!), so you’re gonna want some ideas. While it’s probs not a good idea to repeat your go-to sexy costume (like the college costume you wore every year) in the workplace, that doesn’t mean you have to be boring and skip out on dressing up, either.

If you’ve got a work dress code you might need a costume that could also pass as professional clothing. Have zero idea where to start? Let us help you find one that even your boss will like.

I had this job cut out for me, but I was able to find 10 amazing and work-appropriate Halloween costumes for you (and even some group costumes for your coworker besties!) to wear at the office.

Now, let’s get down to business. Here are the outfits that will put smiles on everyone’s tired faces and win you best costume at the office Halloween party—or at the very least, employee of the month.

  1. Cute Scary Black Cat Pumpkin Cemetary My Classic T-shirt
  1. Buckle Up Buttercup Flipped Witch Switch T-shirt
  1. Boo Boo Crew Squad Nurse Halloween Nurses Rn Ghost Women T-shirt

4. Die With Memories Not With Dreams Bone Skeleton Classic T-shirt

5. Boo Halloween Costume Black Cat With Knife In The Pumpkin Funny Halloween T-shirt

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