Did John, Beth and Kayce Die? The ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Premiere Reveals All

Yellowstone fans have been waiting over a year to find out whether John, Beth and Kayce Dutton survived—and now they finally have their answer.

The crime drama is back and immediately dealt with the fallout from the assassination attempts seen in the cliffhanger ending from season 3. Viewers had no time to catch their breath in the frantic opening sequence, which revealed who lived and who died.

Spoiler warning ahead as we recap each character’s fate in Yellowstone after the attempted murder plot in episode 1, “Half the Money.”

Who died and who survived in Yellowstone?

Each member of the Beth Dutton family was attacked in different ways, seemingly simultaneously.

We saw John (Kevin Costner) suffer multiple gunshot wounds when he was ambushed by the side of the road, Beth’s office exploded when someone opened a mysterious package, and Kayce was pinned down by gunfire at the police station.

The episode opens on John’s hand, which is covered in dried blood. He’s still alive but in bad shape. On the floor next to him he’s written a description with his own blood of the assailants’ vehicle. Luckily Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) finds him and rushes him to a hospital.

Next we see Kayce pinned down in the police station. He flips his desk and takes cover. Two gunmen enter the room but Kayce stuns them with a flashbang grenade before shooting them.

We see the devastation caused at Schwartz and Meyer bank where Beth (Kelly Reilly) was caught in an explosion. Beth emerges from the smoke, covered in blood, with her clothes half blown off. She’s shell-shocked and sits down at the side of the road while smoking a cigarette. Once she sits we see that her back has been badly burned, presumably bearing the brunt of the explosion.

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