Halloween And Fall Events Coming To The Ms Gulf Coast

Halloween is an all year affair, did you know that people are now working on their decorations? Building haunted houses, working on skellies, ghosts that dance and other things? I am working on a tea cozy of a Halloween witch, along with a skeleton french revolution noblewoman to be on my porch this year. There are people that are more ambitious then I am. By the way I started late according to some of my friends.

Everyday, we scour the internet, thrift stores, and lord what else for Halloween stuff. I’m getting my Gothic garden in shape too. Black or deep purple elephant ears, crepe myrtles, and other dark plants, All for Halloween. Every day we get something that reminds us of Halloween. People are discovering the joys of that day.

People celebrate Halloween and there will be alot more people that will celebrate throughout time. Much to the chagrin of other religious folks. More people are realizing that it is not the “Devil’s” or “Satan” holiday. I find it ironic that Christmas was once label as that back when England drummed out the puritans and the puritans still made it illegal here in the colonies to celebrate Christmas.

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