Halloween Costumes For Pets And Kids Today

There is no single take on it because people read different things into it. Speaking personally I’m completely uninterested in it as a cultural phenomenon. My kids dress up at Halloween and I don’t have a problem with that. They know that it’s just fantasy and they’re good kids so I trust that they won’t get any funny ideas.

Part of the problem is that we can only know our own motivations and guess at the motivations of others. If I thought people were dressing up because they really loved the idea of devils, murder and evil I would be a bit perturbed, to say the least. If I thought they were sensible people with a sound moral compass throwing themselves into a bit of harmless make believe for an evening then I would not be in the slightest perturbed. Given that all of the people I know don’t take Halloween remotely seriously, I assume the latter and so the fact that people throw parties and dress up at Halloween it isn’t something that keeps me awake at night. There are so many more pressing problems facing humanity.

You see, the origins of Halloween aren’t very relevant to the argument–we can all agree that the vast majority of Halloween participants aren’t in it for the same reason as those in the past. Participants are simply getting together to to trick-or-treat, watch scary movies, and have parties. These things in and of itself aren’t sinful.

This also ties into the argument of whether seeing scary movies or playing games with occult themes is sinful. The thing is, you can’t simply ban or condemn something just for containing occult themes. Seriously, if the Bible itself was turned into a video game or movie, it’d seriously have a graphic themes warning. The Bible contains occult themes, yet it’s perfectly fine to read the Bible. Why? Because you don’t read the Bible to learn and practice the occult. In the same manner, you don’t celebrate Halloween to practice satanic themes

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